As a business owner, management is critical. This includes having a safety plan that creates, promotes, and maintains a workplace that protects the health and safety of everyone in the workplace environment.

Managing occupational health and safety is as important as managing finances when it comes to your business. Health and safety is important to everyone. It’s not only the law – it’s the right thing to do.
It makes good business sense.
Workplace safety and safe workplaces are both requirements in Canada. Your business is required to have a documented safety plan or safety program. It’s the law.                                                                                         workplace safety plan

Your safety plan must, at the very least, meet the occupational health and safety regulations of the province of operation of your business. Occupational health and safety laws are specific for both business and employers’ responsibilities.

All Site Safety Consulting understands that occupational health and safety laws and regulations can be confusing. We recommend that all businesses should have a consultation with an occupational health and safety professional to discuss an appropriate safety plan for your business. This meeting will bring clarity to what your responsibilities, as a business owner, operator and employer , are under the health and safety laws.

All Site Safety Consulting will clarify any confusion about health and safety to you, the business owner or operator. All Site Safety Consulting prides itself on creating easily understood safety plans, safety programs and workplace safety training . We eliminate or explain terminology that creates misunderstanding and confusion.

It is important to us that both you and your employees understand what is required. Creating easily understood safety plans, safety programs and safety training will create safety awareness in your business.

All Site Safety Consulting invites you to spend some time on our website. When you have your list of questions ready, contact David Ayres owner of All Site Safety in Dartmouth N.S to discuss your list of questions about safety plans and safety programs for your business.